LIC Children Money Back Plan Benefit Illustration.

Every Parents wants to secure their child’s Future.Parents want that his/her Child will get good education and became a Doctor,Engineer,Pilot,Scientist.Means Every parents have some dream related to their child and same every child have some dream to became a successful Person and give help and support to their parents.But a good person said that “No dreams will complete without a perfect planning”.
So,Dear parents do you have planned for your Child Future Or Not.If not than hurry up,because its an only time to secure Child Future as well as Career.This is a time of Competition and if you are in back front,than its big problem for your future as well as your Child.
That’s why LIC Introduce a plan named Children’s Money Back Plan.This is PureChild Plan and 3 Months Completed baby also eligible for this plan.Below I have explained the Details about the plan.

Illustration : Suppose A parents Invest 50000 Annualy For his/her 3 months child.So,Parent will pay this premium for next 24 Years and Child Start Recieveing Money Back amount From 18th Age.
For Exact Maturity And money Back Details visit here :

Money Back To Child : 18th Year,20th Year,22nd Year and In 25th Year Children will Recieve Final Maturity amount.

Desclaimer : So,This Plan Cover the Child Education as well as his/her Career.
Also You can Apply this plan online from here :


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